Michio Kaku: Avoid the Aliens at All Costs! (Watch Video)

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku shared his view with followers on the YouTube channel “Big Think”.

“Let’s say you go to the forest and notice animals, deer and squirrels. You spend a while of their company, however soon it turns into boring as a result of you can’t share your ideas with them. The animals don’t understand you, “mentions Kaku.

“I think for the same reason the aliens will not be interested in us – we’ve got nothing to offer them,” he explains.

Given that other civilizations in the universe can technologically be 1000’s or millions of years earlier than us, many scientists really feel that they should have no contact with them at all because they could possibly be dangerous.

“I suppose most of them would be peaceful, because we don’t pose any threat to them. However, at stake is the risk that we must not afford because we’ve got no chance towards them, “says the scientist.

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