The Mind Boggling Kailash Temple “A Gift To Earth?”

A few months ago we did a video regarding an enigmatic mountain, which rests within modern day Tibet… Known a Kailash.

We touched upon the amazing legends, speaking of the mountain actually being that of an ancient, “man-made” Pyramid…

Which according to such legends, is placed at the centre of the universe.

They spoke of a mysterious giant eye placed upon the top of the mountain, an eye, which according to said legends… Will reveal itself when the ice and snow within the area melts away.

Akin to a story containing an the eye of Mordor, yet hopefully, not as malevolent…

Although mount Kailash can be found within modern day Tibet, its location is very close to the borders of India, a place which few know possesses one of, if not the most amazing ancient structure, to have ever been discovered, or indeed built upon our planet.

A structure which dwarfs the great pyramids, and indeed the great sphinx with artistic wonder.

Actually known as the Kailash temple, it is an exquisitely cut series of supposed praying temples, and other communal buildings, which was, many thousands of years ago, carved straight out of an enormous horseshoe shaped rock, resting within a hillside.

According to mainstream academia, Kailash temple was somehow built by a primitive people, using primitive tools… During a duration of 400 years from 200 bc to 600 bc.

However, no one seems to be able to explain how such a primitive culture, could have possibly created something so awe inspiring… Something so artistically accurate and wonderful… Something we would indeed struggle to recreate today, a structure not only architecturally accurate, but also drenched in a masterpiece of sculpture.

Largely accepted as a flawless piece of art… No less than 200,000 tons of stone was masterfully carved away, creating several separate temples, each drenched in tiny artistic detail.

Re-discovered in 1819, is it possible that the Hindu decorations found within, were merely later additions?

Additions to a relic left actually built by a civilisation far more advanced, and far more ancient than we are allowed to publicly believe? It is understandable for one to wonder, how did a primitive civilization create such a wonder with primitive tools? Attaining such a perfection, such refined finish to each tiny detail?

It is conveniently unexplained just how they managed to cut into this single block of rock with such precision and indeed vision, adorning the structure with thousands of animals.

It seems as if it were a tribute…

A gift depicting what can be found on our planet.

Is mount Kailash, as legends say, really the centre of the universe?

Is this mind bogglingly detailed, most intricately built ancient temple by a long way, actually a tribute to this fact?

Made up of temples which are all now perceived to be shared between three faiths, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain.

Are these multiple faiths, further evidence of a “re-in-habitation” rather than a construction?…

The 200,000 tons of rock for example… Is nowhere to be found.

And as previously covered in the Kailash video, the same is seen with the apparent enormous excavation, found around the base of mount Kailash itself.

Compelling evidence for manipulation of the landscape, giving credence to the legends of it being in fact, an enormous pyramid.

Regardless of this, the fact that the temple carries the same name as this mysterious, and still un-climbed mountain within Tibet, we find, highly compelling.



Source: Mystery History