A Hitchhiker From Hell Vanishes From Passenger Seat Leaving Burnt Smell And Footprints On Car Mat

A man in Argentina has been in the news in South America due to the fact that he experienced what he claims to have been a strange paranormal phenomenon. The man stopped to pick up a hitchhiker from the side of the road only for the young man to disappear out of the passenger seat. The only thing that suggested he was ever there was a burning smell along with melted shoe marks left behind in the rubber car mats.

Pedro Peirone lives in San Jose de la Esquina, a small town in Santa Fe. He was driving along the road in his truck on February 26 and he saw a young man standing by the roadside hitchhiking. As he usually does Peirone pulled over to the side and picked up the young man.

Man Says He Will Remember Paranormal Event the Rest of His Life

Peirone said that the young man seemed to be shy and he was a bit reserved. Other than this he was just like any other young man. Peirone often gives lifts to people along the side of the road when he is going about his business and said that while he does not remember their faces, he will remember this one for the rest of his life.

Peirone said that he now wishes that he had paid his passenger more attention on that day and got to know more about him. He said that all the boy had told him was that he was not going all the way to San Jose de la Esquina. When Peirone had asked him the boy had said that he would let him know when he wanted to get out of the truck.

Hitchhiker Asked to be dropped off near Cemetery

Peirone said that the young man asked him to drop him off close to a junction where the road led up to a cemetery. Peirone said that when he got there he could smell an awful burning smell and he stopped the truck to see what was on fire. He got out of the truck and went to the back of it and when he turned back he noticed that there was no one in the truck, the young man had vanished.

He then went around the front of the truck, checking out the passenger seat in the front of the truck and finding two footprints that had melted into the rubber of the car mat and left a lingering burning smell. Peirone then looked around to see if the young man had managed to run out of the car faster than he had been able to see him.

Man Showed Police Evidence of Shoe Prints in Burned Rubber Car Mats

Some friends of his came along moments later and then helped to look for the hitchhiker but failed to find any sign of him. When Peirone got back to town he went to the police and told them what had happened and word spread around town. Radio and TV stations contacted Peirone for interviews and he showed them where the young man had vanished out of the truck along with showing them the shoe prints that had burnt into the rubber car mats.

Peirone was checked out and the media found that he was a good Catholic man, who was hardworking and an upstanding community member. Peirone said that he always puts his faith in the Virgin Mary and that he had not believed in the unexplained and paranormal. However, the incident has left him confused and unsure of what to believe as he saw it with his own eyes.

He said that he was stressed and nervous about the incident but that he was not frightened. He concluded by saying that he could not explain what had happened on that night.