Beyond creepy! 10 people who found their Doppelganger in a museum

Can these people travel through time? The matches are remarkable and scary.

1) As if it had come directly from the painting.

2) You want to tell us something, Grandpa?

3) Almost creepy, this resemblance.

4) Except for the doppelganger in the picture. What’s going on on his shirt?

5) “Obviously, I used to be a samurai gun collector. I’ve been drinking a lot since then, so I don’t remember exactly. But it’s quite possible that it could be me,” said the (although not quite serious) explanation of the person in the picture.

6) Hello, it’s me from the painting.

7) His hair is a bit out of fashion.

8) The dog didn’t make it into the 21st century.

9) Can he travel through time?

10) This visitor to the museum takes the whole double story to a new level.