NASA Confession: American Citizens Are Being Dosed With Lithium and Other Chemicals by Air

There has been a great deal of talk about chemtrails, and many believe that the government in the USA is up to something while others are more skeptical. However, things were made clearer when a video showing an employee of NASA admitting that lithium has been sprayed into the atmosphere.

Vapor Tracer Is Injected Into Upper Atmosphere of Planet

The video shows a woman talking with an employee of NASA who admits that lithium was used in the air. However, rather than trying to stem this video NASA have made posts about it on their website.

Anyone who has been following the Awareness Act will know all about chemtrails, but we are talking about something that is a little different, vapor tracer. These are something that is injected into the upper part of the atmosphere for us to get a better understanding of the planet. Depending on the vapor type that is being dispersed the vapor clouds might be different in color. The clouds that include lithium light up red at night and they may be seen in the daytime as bright narrow bands. All that is needed to see this is an infrared filter.

NASA Says Vapor Tracers Do Not Cause Harm to People

There are other vapors released, and these include barium and trimethyl aluminum. NASA has continually said that they do not harm the population and people do not suffer from any effects. However, there are a lot of people out there who do not believe this to be true. The employee of NASA is Douglas Rowland, an astrophysicist from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He has worked in many different areas of research, and one area is the Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, and Thermosphere of the Earth. Through his work, he more than likely comes into contact with the tracers.

NASA Lit Up the Sky with Tracers

The tracers are found higher in the atmosphere than the chemtrails. Looking on the website of NASA there is an article that covers an instance dating back to 2013 that talks about two lithium vapor trails and it says that NASA would create more trails as they had two more missions in that year. There are articles on the internet that cover the tracers and the fact that NASA lit up the sky. Many people do not give that much attention to what is causing the sky to light up despite the fact that it is happening right before their eyes.

There have been many instances of tracers being released into the atmosphere and this is something that has been going on for a long time. It is something that has been occurring since the 1950s and not something that will stop anytime shortly. One of the main concerns is that some of the vapors could make their way back down and affect people. Lithium is a medication taken by people who have bipolar disorder along with other conditions.

Lithium Thermite Test Flight

It affects different people differently, and some of the effects are not good. There is something called the Lithium Thermite Test Flight, and this released Lithium Vapor so that new canisters could be tested out. This happened more than once.

The purpose of this was to test loading for lithium canisters that would be flown on the Kudeki and Pafaff missions in April 2013 and June 2013. The tests also verified the functionality under sounding rocket launch along with testing space flight conditions. The results of the experiment were that the thermistor data looked to be nominal. There was a report that was good from an airborne optical platform of video that was recorded and lithium clouds could also be seen by ground observations.

There are many people who do not worry about things such as this happening, but it is something that everyone should be worried about. Regardless of whether it is tracers, chemtrails or aerosol injections used, it is going to affect people whether NASA admits it or not.