The Mexican Government reveals proofs of extraterrestrial contact

As the time goes by, the reality of extraterrestrial contact is becoming clearer and clearer. With the time a lot of proofs have been revealed and we need to stop acting like we don’t care or we don’t believe. This truth has been talked for centuries and we need to stop acting blind!

The latest revealed proofs involve the Mexican government. They have released these documents as well as images of objects that were found in Mexico. These documents are not ordinary but they prove the existence of extraterrestrial contact!

The true history of our Earth is obviously very well and intentionally hidden. With every day, new proofs are shedding light on the truth and we need to stop being so numb about it.

These documents that have been released were found over 80 years ago and until today, they were kept in the dark. Why?

Now they are considered to be very valuable objects and proofs of something more. They will also be the main topic in the documentary by Raul levy.

Raul levy

The producer says that he is feeling very optimistic that the Mexican government and the citizens of Mexico will also help and back the story up as they have seen everything with their own eyes. He says that his intention is to show the public the truth about what has been hidden in Mexico for a century.

All the disks found there contain proofs of extraterrestrial contact and all of them contain secret messages carved on them through some symbols. Researchers have tried to understand the meaning of the disks and so far they have found three which are:

• An astronaut controlling the craft
• The Earth and Its atmosphere, depicted by two rings, and
• An intelligently controlled spacecraft

Ancient Mayan disks

The government even stated that it is very likely the Mayans and extraterrestrials have had a secret contact for centuries but this is yet to be discovered.