Stunning Revelations Out Of CERN: We Shouldn’t Exist

Nothing like being told by a world-renowned physicist that the place you call home shouldn’t exist at all.

But this is exactly what a group at CERN in Switzerland have been researching the fact that antimatter has never actually destroyed the universe including the planet earth.

CERN may have actually destroyed​ our last universe

The whole study of how the universe came to be and how it continues to evolve throughout millions of years is something scientist have studied over the years yet still haven’t come up with a conclusive finding.

Although this particular group of physicists has uncovered a few things about matter and antimatter, in that when it comes to magnetic pull they seem equal in components with not one dominating the other, however, actually having a different overall effect, which brings, even more, questions than answers. As one of the physicists on the project was quoted as saying to the press.

An asymmetry must exist here somewhere

“All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not exist, “An asymmetry must exist here somewhere, but we simply do not understand where the difference is.”

However, there is no denying that the universe does indeed exist. The only thing so far that the researchers are certain of is despite equal components matter, and antimatter is opposites. Anti-matter is quite unstable and could be damaging when coming into contact with matter. So, what does all this do the Big Bang Theory which scientist cling to as how the universe came into existence.

If this theory is to be believed, the universe would have been destroyed by now with antimatter doing in the matter. According to this study done at CERN that is exactly what should have happened by now, there was no way to avoid it.

Mandela effect, God and multiple dimensions

In any case, the scientific community still searches for answers as to not only the creation of the universe but also how it continues to be sustained. The careful thought out research at CERN that is testing the magnetic field in matter and antimatter carefully is just one of many ways that universe existence continues to be studied.

But as the scientific community searches for a scientific answer to the reason the universe still exist perhaps this is further verification for those who believe in a higher force being at work. After all, science can’t come up with a viable answer as to why antimatter hasn’t done us all in by now, so maybe this could be proof that says that is a force protecting us all at work. Whatever the reason scientist won’t give up the search for a scientific answer, even if they continue to reach dead ends in doing so. Who knows what the future will bring in ways of being able to study this perplexing puzzle as to not only why we are here but why we are still here.

Important things to know about CERN