UFO Hunters Are Closely Monitoring the UFO Sighting Incident Over California

A UFO in the skies apparently above California is being featured in a video uploaded to YouTube channel SuspectSky. According to the uploader, the video was shot in Rowland Heights, just east of Los Angeles, California. It seemingly shows a small white craft being followed by a larger flying object. The clip titled “Large Black UFO with Another Leading Object Seen in California” shows the two objects moving over the mountain range. The incident reportedly took place on October 24. The man behind the camera was apparently taking the footage while driving. He…

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University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us

Scientists of the University of California came up with an unusual hypothesis suggesting that space aliens have long settled on Earth and lived among us as observers. Of course, there is no evidence of this, but according to ancient sources, including the Bible, our planet has been visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations since its inception. In 2000 scientists of the University of California, led by Professor Jonathan Malkisom, held a press conference, during which the sensational news that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have long been among humans was reported….

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