Prehistoric shrimp emerge from Australian desert after heavy rain

Imagine millions of these slithering out from the mud? The eggs of this alien desert crustacean remain dormant for years, waiting for a bout of rain to hatch. In the desert of Australia – land of all creatures wonderful and weird – dwells a remnant of prehistoric time, a crustacean known as a shield shrimp. Triops australiensis, which looks like the love child of a horseshoe crab and a creature from the far side of the universe, belongs to a group of crustaceans called “branchiopods,” meaning “gill feet” – because…

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Ruins of Ancient City Discovered in Australian Desert

A team of archaeologists working for the Australian National University, who were proceeding to an excavation near the sandstone rock formation of Uluru, has unearthed the ruins of a large precolonial city dating back to more than 1500 years ago. The important number of tombs and artefacts already discovered on the site suggests that it could have been the capital of an ancient empire, completely unknown to historians until now. The site which was first noticed on satellite pictures taken in October 2013, using a newly developed ground-penetrating radar. The images revealed…

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