The Muisca Raft: A golden statue discovered in a cave near Bogota may be the key behind the myth of El Dorado

The legend of El Dorado was born in the 16th century when the Spanish arrived in Muisca territory and spread rumors that there was a city of gold deep in the Colombian mountains. Since then, the myth of El Dorado has attracted explorers and treasure hunters into the mountains of South America. Over the years, however, the real story behind the myth has been revealed, and El Dorado (The Golden One) was not a place, but a person. The origins of the legend lie in the story of a Muisca…

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Residents of El Dorado Witness UFO Crash With Possible Alien Astronaut Outcome

Despite being told that there is no alien or UFO activity recorded by the government’s military and space organizations, people continue to report sightings and out of the ordinary activities that raise an ardent question: how long will the government keep lying to us when the truth literally flies in front of our very own eyes? The most recent alien encounter took place on May 20, 2016, in a residential area of El Dorado in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, around 10 p.m. when a great number of residents and passing by…

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