Extraterrestrials Threatening To Blow Up The Solar If Humans Do Not Agree To Meet Their Needs

Population of different planets may send us “infected” messages to “hack” the human communications media. At least, it is about this possibility that warns the examine of american astrophysicists Michael Hippke and John G. learned. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI, projects purpose to search for existence on other planets through the use of superior antennas and computer systems that analyze electromagnetic indicators of extraterrestrial beginning. In addition, scientists are seeking for to emit and acquire encoded messages from outer space consistent with the study, extraterrestrials should send messages to…

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The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials for 10 Days

lec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. In this video, he recounts his life-changing experience and describes extremely advanced organic technology which also allows you to “grow” your house as well as its environment. He also talks about how spaceships are operated by consciousness and “melding”, and indeed, is conscious itself, much like what we’ve repeatedly been told is possible in the higher realms. The extraterrestrials that brought Alec aboard their ship were human-like, technologically advanced and could raise their vibration with…

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Russian Science Journal: The Moon Was Created by Extraterrestrials

Although people long ago began to wonder whether the “canals” on Mars were the creation of cosmic engineers, for some odd reason it has not occurred to look with the same eyes upon the peculiarities of the lunar landscape much closer at hand. And all the arguments about the possibilities of intelligent life existing on other celestial bodies have been confined to the idea that other civilizations must necessarily live on the surface of a planet, and that the interior as a habitat is out of the question. Abandoning the…

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