A Hitchhiker From Hell Vanishes From Passenger Seat Leaving Burnt Smell And Footprints On Car Mat

A man in Argentina has been in the news in South America due to the fact that he experienced what he claims to have been a strange paranormal phenomenon. The man stopped to pick up a hitchhiker from the side of the road only for the young man to disappear out of the passenger seat. The only thing that suggested he was ever there was a burning smell along with melted shoe marks left behind in the rubber car mats. Pedro Peirone lives in San Jose de la Esquina, a…

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Human Footprint Found To Be 500 Million Years Old

I have a theory, maybe there are other more advanced human races in the universe, and maybe we are their decedents. Let’s say humans aren’t originally from earth, but some other planet somewhere else and these more advanced humans visited eligible planets to scout out if it would be a good candidate to drop some offspring and spread the human race around the universe. So they end up on earth decide it’s a good match for us and leave some humans here, and then they go back to exploring other…

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