UFOs Can Be Found On Google Maps In Area 51

A descriptive and informative video is presented with a ton of information on how to find a 30 meter UFO at Area 51. The screen is divided between footage of what he says is Area S4 and he is on a screen in the bottom left hand corner. He is very informative on what he is describing and he presents a lot of chilling footage about a UFO that is suspected and shown in Google maps. We go back from 1998 to 2002 all the way to 2006 and 2009…

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Is it a UFO? 8 bizarre Google Maps findings which could be the work of aliens

Have aliens visited Earth? Take a look at these eight bizarre sites found by alien hunters on Google Maps and judge for yourself. Whether you believe in aliens or not, you can’t deny that these areas found on Google Maps look a bit strange. Alien researchers are constantly trawling the free mapping site in pursuit of extra-terrestrial signs. Check them out below and judge for yourselves… The underwater alien base in Antarctica  In April, UFO hunters claimed a 500 metre long object off the coast of Antarctica as an underwater…

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5 top-secret places that are censored on Google Maps

Numerous places on Earth are known to the public, however, these places are off limits to the public eye. It appears that these places are even censored on Google Maps. Why are they censored from Google Maps? What is Google trying to hide from plain sight? It seems that as far as it concerns Google, we will never know.   It turns out that there are numerous places on Google Earth that have been edited on purpose, in order to prevent users from seeing whatever it is that’s down there….

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