The extraterrestrial enthusiast community is excited by the appearance of a spherical UFO in the sky over Japan. Cloud or UFO camouflaged to look like one? The best way to hide something is (arguably) to leave it in plain sight. And what sight would look as plain as clouds in our sky? If aliens are trying to hide their presence while studying us, why waste the energy to turn their ships invisible when they could just extract moisture from the air and surround their space ship with a thick layer…

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There’s a Town in Japan That Looks Exactly Like Sweden

Tucked up in the hills about 30 km (19 miles) away from Sapporo City, Japan, there is a small village called Sweden Hills. Stepping foot into this distinct Swedish-style town located in Tōbetsu, on Hokkaido Island, one is transported out of Japan and straight into another country. The town specializes in all things Swedish: from folk crafts and traditional Swedish holidays to the characteristic red and white European architecture, it is enough to draw Swedish tourists from far and wide to a little chunk of their homeland. Despite being nearly…

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