Archaeologists Discover Ancient Cheese That Is 2,000 Years Older Than Jesus Christ

Over the past year, archaeology has amplified in their methods thanks to improved methods and the advancement of technology. Because of this fact, the Inquisitr reported on new discoveries and research that wouldn’t be possible at an earlier time. For example, through satellite images, archaeologists are able to pinpoint the location of Genghis Khan’s tomb. On the other hand, mysteries of already-discovered artifacts are being unveiled, in which researchers figured out with the etchings on the Shigir Idol mean. With all the progressions made in archaeology, there are some discoveries…

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Archaeology Discovery: First Century Synagogue Confirms New Testament Accounts of Jesus Christ

The recently discovered ruins of a first century synagogue in Israel confirm historic accounts of Jesus’ life found in the New Testament. Located near Mount Tabor in the Nahal Tavor Nature Reserve in the lower Galilee at a site called Tel Rechesh, the synagogue ruins date back to the time of the Second Temple period, which ended in AD 79 when the Romans attacked Jerusalem. Motti Aviam, a senior researcher at the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee, explained in a statement…

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