NASA’s $1 billion Jupiter probe just sent back breathtaking new images of the Great Red Spot

NASA’s plucky Juno probe has returned its first close-up photographs of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and they are stunning. On Monday, Juno flew about 5,600 miles above the mysterious tempest — roughly a million miles closer than any previous spacecraft has flown. The Great Red Spot is a massive storm between one and two times as wide as Earth. It has tumbled in the planet’s atmosphere for at least 350 years (but won’t last forever). Juno took the new photos on its seventh pass around the gas-giant planet. The spacecraft…

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Astronomers find a mysterious, highly metallic ISOLATED object in Space, LARGER than Jupiter

According to spectroscopic data, the objects contains both methane and water. Furthermore, astronomers say it is a highly METALLIC object, and it’s more massive than Jupiter. Their conclusions are summed up in an article which recently appeared in arXiv.org. Scientists cannot agree on the nature of a mysterious object dubbed CFBDSIR 2149-0403. On one hand, scientists reaffirm the possibility that the object is a young solitary planet, although it could also be a brown dwarf of very low mass and high metallicity. While searching for exoplanets in the universe, astronomers…

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