Shocking! A 40-metre long Mysterious Creature Discovered At Bear Lake

“We walk here almost every day, but we have never seen anything like this,” says Ms. Wilson.“We could smell the stench from almost a mile away, and we knew that there was something wrong. When we finally found the corpse, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It’s really huge and it almost looks like a rotting dinosaur. That’s not a kind of creature that I ever expected to find in Utah!” The remains of the creature were partially emptied by the elements and scavengers, but still weigh more than two tons, suggesting the…

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This tree trunk has been floating upright for 120 years – and no one knows why

Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States, and its water is so blue, you’d be forgiven for thinking someone slipped a few gallons of food colouring into it. But its sheer size and brilliant blue water aren’t the only distinguishing features of Crater Lake – there’s a 9-metre-tall (30-foot) tree stump that’s been bobbing vertically in the lake since at least 1896, and it’s buoyant enough to support the weight of an entire person standing on top. First discovered in 1896 by geologist and explorer…

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