Evidence Shows the Lost Continent of Lemuria Actually Existed

Various legends and other uncommon landforms remind of the submerged continent of Lemuria that stretched all the way from India to Australia. Like Atlantis, this ancient dry land disappeared in mysterious circumstances tens of thousands of years ago. According to geologists, the Lemurian continent had been divided somewhere towards the end of the Mesozoic era because of the rising waters. India’s National Institute if Oceanography revealed in a study that water level was one hundred meters lower, or so, 14,500 years ago, and it gradually went up as a result…

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Newly found sunken continents suggests the mythical continent of Lemuria was REAL

Scientists have discovered at least TWO sunken continents on Earth. The discovery of these continents has changed the way we look at Earth’s history, offering new evidence which many authors have interpreted as material which points to the fact that the mythical continents such as Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis were real. Most of us are familiar with the legends of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. According to numerous legends and texts, Earth was home to numerous continents which have been ‘lost’ in the distant past. One of them is the continents…

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