Watch: He Rebuilt Nikola Tesla’s ‘Spirit Radio’. When He Turns It On? This Is Terrifying!

When you hear about ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural phenomena, it’s easy to take them as nothing more than tall tales. But every so often you’re faced with evidence that causes you to question everything. In the early 1900s, electrical pioneer Nikola Tesla supposedly created a “crystal radio” that could channel the spirit realm. While many people cried foul and claimed his invention was bogus, one man recently recreated the very same device… and the results were absolutely terrifying. This man decided to build the same spooky spirit radio that was originally constructed…

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Mysterious radio burst came from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away, astronomers discover

For the first time, scientists have nailed down a source of fast radio bursts, one of astronomy’s most enigmatic phenomena. A dim dwarf galaxy 2.5 billion light years from Earth is sending out the mysterious millisecond-long blasts of radio waves, researchers report Wednesday in Nature and Astrophysical Journal Letters. The bursts traverse vast expanses of time and intergalactic space before reaching our planet. “This really is the first ironclad association of a fast radio burst with another astronomical source, so it’s a pretty huge result,” said Duncan Lorimer, an astronomer at West…

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