Starlings Obscure Sky Over Rome in Dystopic Viral Photo

Residents of Rome recently thought about the William Gibson science fiction novel the Neuromancer which starts with the line, the sky over the port the color of television turned into a dead channel. The novel had the setting of Chiba City in Japan during 1984, but this is just what the sky looked above Rome in 2018. A photograph was put online to show the sky over the city of Rome, and it looked just as though it w Sunset Is Blocked Out By Many Thousands of Birds In the…

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City wall discovered that’s 1,000 years older than Rome, lost civilization found in China

The ancient walls of a lost city in southern China have been uncovered in a remarkable find by archaeologists. The northern section of the city was found at the Sansingdui archaeological site located in Sichuan province. It dates back than 3,000 years to the Bronze Age. The Southern, Western and Eastern sections fo the city have now been uncovered as well, granting archaeologists a full picture of what the settlement used to look like. Three Neolithic tombs thought to have predated the walls have also been unearthed, with one including a full…

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