7,000-year-old Siberian warrior: more advanced than we supposed?

Buried with stone axe and horn-tipped arrow, ancient human remains have archaeologists reshaping their assumptions. In a first for Siberia, a burial mound dating to the ‘New Stone Age’ has been unearthed in Novosibirsk region. In the mound were nine people, including women and children, discovered by archaeologists and students from Kemerovo State University. ‘In the lower layer, they discovered a man with a stone axe and a horn tipped arrow,’ said the university’s press service. ‘It is a fair assumption to say, as this fact proves, that the burial…

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Siberian Gateway to the Underworld Keeps Getting Bigger

It’s called the “Gateway to the Underworld” by local Yakutians. It’s a giant Siberian crater in the coldest area of the world that doesn’t get as much publicity as its more recent counterparts but, because of its size and rapid growth, may be the most dangerous of all. It has spawned scary terms like “megaslump” and “scar zones.” It’s the Batagai crater and it’s making geologists and Siberians very nervous. Batagaika itself struck my imagination – its size is amazing, the crack itself is perfectly exposed, uncovered, all the layers…

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