Something Just Exploded In Our Solar System

The Stereo Camera Ahead HI1 recorded what looked like an explosion far to the right of the Sun. If that really was an explosion it was either really close to the satellite or it was bigger than a planet. If it was bigger than a planet then I would say whatever caused it is powerful indeed and we should do everything in our power to not piss them off. Source

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Planet Nine could be a rogue planet that got captured by our Solar System

Scientists are still trying to track down the exact location of the elusive Planet Nine – the hypothesised ninth planet of our Solar System that was proposed by scientists in January last year. But while they’re at it, new research has offered up an explanation for how this huge and mysterious world could have come to orbit our Sun in the first place: it was once a free-floating nomad, before it got snatched into our Solar System by the gravitational pull of the Sun. According to simulations, Planet Nine may be…

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