Ancient Sword That Came From The Future?

The Ulfberhts. A group of medieval swords found within Europe, dating between the 9th through 11th centuries, the blades faces are inlaid with the inscription “Ulfberht,” with a cross on either side. The word turns out to have been a Frankish personal name, it somehow became the basis logo, a trademark of sorts, used by multiple blade smiths for several centuries, in their impressive attempts to make the hardest, most impressive swords of the era. About 100 to 170 Ulfberht swords are known to exist, yet the origins of the…

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Mysterious Viking Sword Made With Technology From the Future?

The Viking sword Ulfberht was made of metal so pure it baffled archaeologists. It was thought the technology to forge such metal was not invented for another 800 or more years, during the Industrial Revolution. About 170 Ulfberhts have been found, dating from 800 to 1,000 A.D. A NOVA, National Geographic documentary titled “Secrets of the Viking Sword”, first aired in 2012, took a look at the enigmatic sword’s metallurgic composition. In the process of forging iron, the ore must be heated to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit to liquify, allowing the…

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