Did Alien Beings Genetically Engineer Human Mankind?

Could blood types prove that human beings are genetically engineered?

Throughout the years, several scientific studies have searched for this answer.

Many people are unconvinced that evolution alone was capable of taking humanity from its original brute aim form into the only animals on the planet Earth capable of language, writing, and civilization itself. Instead, they look towards the ancient scriptures and the stories from societies from all corners for the world that tell of mysterious visitors, fallen angels, gods or the Anunnaki. While these tales may vary slightly from one another, they all tell the same broad tale. God-like creatures once came from the heavens and brought human beings the tools to create vast and sophisticated civilizations. Versions of these tales can even be found in the Christian Bible in reference to the fallen angels in Genesis, chapter 6.

The mysteries posed by ancient scripture seem to be supported by the architectural evidence which has been believed to give modern humans their greatest clues about the ancient societies that came before them. For years, archaeologists, historians and engineers alike have been baffled by the supremely intelligent technology apparently available to humanity’s ancient ancestors to build the extraordinary megaliths in regions such as Egypt, Peru, and Mexico. But perhaps an even bigger clue lies in the genetic structure of human beings themselves.

The story of the Anunnaki describes how this powerful alien race created the first humans to work as drone workers in the colonized gold mines of planet Earth. The most compelling evidence to support this theory is the existence of the blood type group Rh Negative.

Human beings fall into four blood types; A, B, AB and O. This classification is determined by the make-up of the person’s immune system, specifically, the proteins present on the surface of the cells which amass to fight bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies in the human body. The vast majority of human beings exhibit these proteins, but some do not. The people who fall into negative blood groups are perfectly healthy individuals who experience no significant difference in medical outcomes to other people. To this day, scientists have failed to adequately explain why this is the case or indeed, why this discrepancy even exists. Could it be that this is evidence of a holdover from our genetically engineered past?