UFOs and Entities at Skinwalker Ranch: What is Really Going On

Retired schoolteacher and local UFO expert, Joe “Junior” Hicks has documented over 400 UFO sightings in the area, after witnessing a craft pass over the school where he taught.

“The UFO activity really started getting intense in the early ‘50s,” he said. “There were cases where the whole school and all the teachers saw these things hovering over the town in broad daylight. In the ‘60s and ‘70’s, we probably had more UFO sightings than any place in the world,” Hicks said in an article published by George Knapp in the Las Vegas Mercury.

The strange orbs of light have continued to plague the ranch, as well. The lights appear out of nowhere, radiating with an intense glow and possessing a sort of responsive intelligence no one can pinpoint. At times, the lights appear to chase the cattle and even threaten the human occupants of the ranch if they attempt to come close. The activity doesn’t fit any of the known patterns of UFO sightings.

Typically, the UFOs appear high in the sky, shying away from human contact, but these orbs are afraid of nothing. Like the other phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch, capturing them on film has proven difficult to impossible. Every time the NIDS team attempted to film them, the photos would come out blurry and unremarkable.

By August of 1997, the light anomaly phenomenon became even stranger, with several orbs appearing at the same time, zipping around the fields. Even though they set up cameras on poles around the ranch, they weren’t able to catch much of the activity on film. Whatever was plaguing the ranch refused to be recorded.

A Large Black Faceless Humanoid Appears From A Portal

One night, while the NIDS team was observing the ranch from atop a bluff, they noticed a faint yellow light appear 150 feet away from them. One of the researchers grabbed a pair of binoculars, watching in stunned silence as the yellow light grew larger and transformed into a tunnel.

“Something’s in the tunnel,” the man with the binoculars said, clearly in a panic.

As he watched, a large black faceless humanoid form lumbered out of the tunnel and walked away. The yellow light then slowly faded until it was completely gone. As the researchers tried to make sense of what they’d just witnessed, they came to the horrific realization that whatever had climbed out of the tunnel was now sharing the darkness with them. They spent the rest of the night and most of the next day searching for footprints or signs of the creature’s presence, but came up empty handed once again.

Extraterrestrials, or Some Kind of Responsive Consciousness

The activity continued well into 1999. They still saw the strange orb lights, but still couldn’t fully capture them on camera. The researchers began finding the cameras dismantled or missing altogether. The entities were not only elusive, but were also knowledgeable about technology, as well.

According to one NIDS researcher, “It isn’t as simple as saying that ETs or flying saucers are doing it. It’s some kind of consciousness, but it’s always something new and different, something non-repeatable. It’s reactive to people and equipment, and we set up the ranch to be a proving ground for the scientific method, but science doesn’t seem amenable to the solution of these kinds of problems.”

Strange Beast-Like Creatures Appear

Terry and Gwen were leaving the ranch one day to head back to their new ranch when they saw something dart across the field where they kept several horses. Thinking it was a dog attacking one of the horses, Terry stopped the truck and jumped out, only to realize the strange beast wasn’t a dog at all….

It was unlike anything the rancher had ever seen. It looked like a brownish-red hyena with a large bushy tail. As the creature saw him coming, it retreated up a slope and disappeared into thin air, leaving no tracks behind. When Terry came back to check on the horses, he was horrified to see that both horses had bloody claw marks on their hocks. While it was proof the horses were attacked, it wasn’t the proof the NIDS team was looking for. So far, nearly everything they’d witnessed couldn’t be documented.

Element 115

One NIDS scientist has claimed to have discovered rods made from Element 115, which does not originate on earth. This man goes on to claim that he had worked at Area 51 on a reverse engineering project where they had accumulated 300 pounds of this material.

More Creepy Eye Witness Encounters at Skinwalker Ranch

In August 1977, Jay Barker and a group of friends and family hiked the High Uintah Mountains, hoping to catch fish in the Cooper Basin. After having dismal results, he suggested they climb the ridge and go down to Fish Lake, a place he’d had success fishing before. As they climbed the ridge, he looked down and saw something that was black and white. Initially, he thought it was an elk, but as he watched it stand upright, he realized he was looking at a bipedal creature. It had a black body, but had white hair on the back of its neck. As it walked around the pond, they could see it swinging its arms and walking upright on two legs.

“It was just enormous, a huge creature with lots of weight to it and mass,” he says on the YouTube video of his experience. They observed the creature for approximately three minutes, as it made its way around the pond.

Another Bigfoot sighting was reported in 2014 near Sundance, Utah, which is 53 miles south of Salt Lake City. As a couple was driving in the Provo Canyon, they saw something in the trees and began filming as they were driving, not realize they had captured something on their camera until they got home.

One of the UFO enthusiasts drawn to the area was Ryan Skinner. A native of Wisconsin, Ryan began investigating the ranch in 2007 after having a terrifying encounter in the Uintah Basin. In his book Skinwalker Ranch: Path of the Skinwalker, he documented his forays into the basin.

In December of 2006, Ryan and his fiancé , Irnya, took a trip from Wisconsin to Las Vegas, where they planned to get married. During a long drive down a deserted road in Utah, he turned the wheel over to Irnya so he could rest his eyes for a while. He was brought out of a light slumber by the sound of his fiancé screaming.
“What is that?” she shrieked.

Ryan jolted upright, immediately noticing a red light reflecting off the Jeep’s rear view mirror. At first, he thought it was just a reflection from a streetlight, but as he looked closer, he realized the light was coming from a red glowing object looming overhead. It almost looked like a red sparkler suspended high in the air. As he stared in awe, he could make out the long rectangular shape of a craft in the glow.

Irnya pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, and Ryan jumped out for a closer look. To his amazement, the glowing ball of light hovered five feet off the ground, only thirty feet from their Jeep. He stared into the light, mesmerized by the sight. He was drawn out of his near-hypnotic gaze by the sound of Irnya screaming his name.

He turned to see three hazy figures walking towards them from another direction. They definitely weren’t human. His fight or flight instincts kicked in and he yelled for Irnya to get in the car. They sped away, but the red glowing orb continued to stalk them.

They raced down the highway and pulled in at the nearest rest stop, hoping to find someone to help them. The parking lot was full of empty semis and parked cars, but even though he leaned on his horn, nobody emerged from their vehicles. After a minute, the strange light faded off into the distance, as though growing bored of them. Confused and afraid, they got back in the Jeep and continued on their way.They drove for several miles before they realized the light was back. It was following them again.

Ryan’s first instinct was to run, but his sense of curiosity took over. While the threat was real, he was still running away from the kind of paranormal experience he’d spent most of his life searching for. He turned around and eventually captured some of the events on video, before the light faded away, once more.

They relaxed, thinking they had survived the event, only to discover the lights hadn’t left after all. They just relocated to the side of the car. He rolled down the window to get a better look and was shocked to discover that the lights were mutating into alien faces. The strange beings drifted closer to the car, giving them a full view of their faces and strange, tight-fitting clothing. Ryan fumbled for the camera, wanting to document the event, but it wouldn’t turn on.The battery was dead. It was definitely time to get out of there.

He tried to start the car, but the ignition only gave a halfhearted attempt to turn over. The entities outside the window were clearly in control. Several long moments passed before the beings finally faded away, leaving Ryan with a mystery he’d spend the rest of his life pursuing.

After his experience, he began researching the area in earnest, which led him to the story about Skinwalker Ranch. After reading the article, he realized the ranch was just south of where they had their encounter.

A year later, he made his first foray to the ranch, armed with paranormal gear and a passion to learn more about the area that had made such an impact on his life. While there, he encountered another strange orb of light that chased him off the Skinwalker Ranch property, leaving him shaken but perplexed.

In his repeat visits to the ranch, he encountered many things he couldn’t explain, including more of the hovering light orbs, as well as a giant wolf-like creature, similar to the one the Sherman’s experienced. Even stranger, both he and his brother, who accompanied him on the second trip, experienced hallucinogenic voices and pictures in their heads, as though the entities were trying to communicate telepathically. If that were the case, the message wasn’t a pleasant one. It was clear that whatever was on the ranch wanted them gone.

Youtube video uploaded by Ryan Skinner showing a possible UFO landing: