Ten years after a student girl gave her last money to a beggar, he became a millionaire and married her.

On an ordinary winter day, Olivia, a student at a medical institute, was rushing to catch a train to visit her parents for the holidays. She didn’t have much money left, barely enough to buy a ticket, but she didn’t despair as she knew her caring parents would always support their beloved daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor.

As Olivia hurried to the ticket office, she suddenly felt someone staring at her. She turned around and saw a beggar with eyes filled with despair and pain, looking at her as the last hope. The beggar was a young and healthy-looking guy, but in absolutely terrible clothes. He asked passers-by for money to buy a train ticket and shared the tragedy that had befallen him. However, most people ignored him or shouted angrily:

“Go to work, beggar!”

To which the boy replied:

“Leave your address, I will soon be able to return everything!”

Nobody believed him except for some pitiful grandmothers who gave him some small change. Olivia felt sorry for the boy and didn’t think he was one of those professional beggars for whom begging was a regular job.

Moved by compassion, Olivia gave the beggar her last bit of money. She then rushed to catch her train and didn’t think much of the encounter afterward.

Ten years later, Olivia was a successful doctor and had almost forgotten about the incident. One day, she received an unexpected visitor at her clinic – a wealthy man who had come to thank her for the kindness she had shown him ten years ago. It turned out that the beggar she had helped had become a millionaire and had been looking for her for years to express his gratitude. They fell in love and got married, starting a new life together.

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