“A man saw his little child in the washing machine and almost had a heart attack. This is what really happened.”

A man thought he saw his child in a washing machine and almost had a heart attack. He even managed to take a picture, which is alarming at first glance. However, this dad was not stripped of his parental rights, and everything is fine with the child – it was all just an illusion.

The user shared a photo that quickly went viral. At first sight, it appears to show a child spinning in the drum of a washing machine. However, to prevent causing heart attacks in people, the man immediately clarified what was happening in the picture:

“If you ever wash your favorite t-shirt with your baby on it, please remember to put a warning note on the washing machine or something.”

The post featured a photo of a baby on a t-shirt.

This post has been viewed more than a hundred thousand times, and in the comments, people gave the dad some advice to avoid similar situations.

“Turn her out.”

“Turn the T-shirt inside out so the print will last longer.”

Many users were frightened by the photo, and some even offered logical explanations for it.

“It would be better if the child in the print wasn’t so scared.”

“Super creepy. I like it.”

But there were also jokes with dark humor.

“What’s the problem? Just use a delicate cycle!”

“How else should I wash the baby?”

“It came easily, it went easily.”

Some users were not confused by the fact that the photo looked like a child was being washed in a machine, but by the fact that the dad had such a strange t-shirt.

“Does anyone own a t-shirt with their child printed on it?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t put images of family members on T-shirts?”

The user frightened everyone with one photo, but one thing is reassuring: no children were harmed.