A fisherman made an extraordinary discovery – a fish with two mouths

During a fishing trip on Lake Champlain, situated on the border of New York and Vermont, an unexpected find was made. Debbie Geddes, a member of the Knotty Boys Fishing team, successfully caught a double-mouth trout.

Photographs shared on Facebook clearly show the trout with two distinct mouths. The fishermen were unable to provide a definitive explanation for this unusual phenomenon.

Adam Fakto, another member of the Knotty Boys Fishing team, highlighted that they consider two main possibilities for the fish’s appearance: it could be either an injury sustained by the trout or a genetic defect.

“I am amazed by the level of attention this has garnered,” says Debbie. “The public’s reaction and the various theories are certainly intriguing. Personally, I believe it is the result of a previous injury, possibly caused by another fisherman.”

However, some speculate that the mutation may have been caused by sewage discharge from the Canadian side into the lake.

Regardless of the cause, the fish appeared to be in good health.

A video showcasing this remarkable catch is available below:

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