A house in the USA is being given away for free to new owners, but no one wants to live in it. And that’s the reason why…

The residents of the United States are not interested in acquiring the free cottage because they firmly believe that it is not vacant and already inhabited by unseen and dangerous entities. The previous owner did an effective job of informing potential buyers about the paranormal activities occurring in the house. It seems that the only option left for the realtor is to seek the assistance of the Winchester brothers.

Despite the property owners offering a four-bedroom cottage in Louisiana for free, it remains unoccupied. The house, constructed in the 1930s, has gained a reputation as an eerie place over the years.

One of the former residents, Don Vallot Declot, is responsible for this reputation. She claims that the ghost of her great-grandmother resides in the house. According to Don, the ghost enjoys moving pans and overturning dishes with prepared food.

The alleged mischief-maker in the house, Adele, was known during her lifetime as Don’s grandmother. Adele lived to be 90 years old and had a penchant for meddling in the kitchen affairs of her younger relatives.

Dawn’s family had owned the land where the house was built since 1860, and her great-grandmother Adele passed away in the living room in 1967.

Dawn and her family moved out of the haunted building in the 80s.

“We believe that Adele is a ghost, but she isn’t malevolent at all. She was about 1.5 meters tall and weighed 45 kilograms. Despite her age, she was always busy with pots and pans. If we left something on the stove, she would take a look and stir everything,” Dawn explained.

According to Don, this lifelong habit persisted even after her grandmother’s death.

“She was well-known for it. When we lived there, we could always hear her banging pans. We even heard someone lifting the lid when none of us were in the kitchen.”

The real estate company, McLain Investments, currently owns the property, and one of its co-owners, Sylvia McLain, is attempting to sell the house. She learned from former residents that they had encountered a ghost.

Among the locals, the building has acquired a truly dreadful reputation, often being compared to the Amityville house in the USA, where convicted murderer Ronald Defeo shot his parents, two sisters, and two brothers in 1974.

According to the realtor, one of the previous occupants even called an exorcist to remove Grandma Adele’s ghost. Due to the lack of interested parties, the house is being given away for free.

However, the buyer would need to transport the building to their own property, which is another reason why no one is interested in acquiring it (perhaps more significant than the presence of ghosts).

If the company fails to find buyers, they will likely not demolish the house but instead attempt to renovate it.

To attract potential buyers, Sylvia shared photos of the building on her company’s Facebook page, although she had to do it twice since the initial post only garnered comments about the ghost.

A haunted house available for free. Quite unsettling… and free!

Perhaps salt, iron, holy water, and other tools from every ghost hunter’s arsenal could help solve the problem, but for now, the house remains standing, unwanted due to Grandma Adele and the credulous locals.