A set of ancient Egyptian coins could be proof that an alien race once visited Earth thousands of years ago, conspiracists say. The idea that aliens have continued monitoring the Earth has been popular for some time, but now UFO hunters are claiming alien life could actually be walking among us.

One coin, found during a house renovation in Egypt, shows a spaceship hovering above the ground. Another shows the head of an extra-terrestrial being, with huge hollow eyes and a big, bald head.

The alleged reasons for why aliens have decided to roam the Earth vary. Some people believe aliens intend to create a war against humans and wipe out society so they can overtake the planet and built a more civilized society. One of the coins has “OPPORTUNUS Adest” carved on the back—Latin for “it’s here in due time.”

Sightings of UFOs continue to take place throughout the world nearly every year, leading conspiracy-lovers to believe that aliens have touched down on Earth. Many interpret the message on the coins to mean there is a planned return of the alien race at some time in the future.

Information is still coming out regarding the finding, but nothing is set in stone right now. As far as we know, it could all be an elaborate hoax.

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