Largest Structure On Earth..Found On Ocean Floor

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With the aid of Google Maps, UFO enthusiasts have discovered what appears to be a massive anomaly, what some are referring to as a “giant pyramid” that is either an enormous UFO or one gigantic UFO base, that seems to be resting on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. The great pyramid, if that is what it is, measures over eight miles across and is situated off the west coast of Mexico.

this week that Argentine alien hunter and researcher Marcelo Igazusta found the so-called giant pyramid by using Google Maps (the Google Earth mapping tool) last month. Igazusta claims that he came upon the massive underwater structure after spying a bright beam of light shining over the vast darkness of the Pacific Ocean. The beam led him to what he believes is a monstrously large pyramid.

The giant pyramid can be found at the coordinates 12 ° 8’1.49 ‘N 119 ° 35’26.39’ W. The mysterious structure measures 8.5 miles across at its base.

Fellow alien hunter Scott C. Waring, a well-known UFO enthusiast who operates the site, UFO Sightings Daily, that the giant pyramid was “a monumental discovery.” Calling it a “perfect pyramid,” he noted that the 8.5-mile estimate of the pyramid’s base might well be conservative and the enormous edifice might be as wide as 11 miles at its broadest. He was quick to also note that, although somewhat adjacent to the ancient pyramids of the Aztecs and Mayans of Central America, such a massive structure could not have been constructed by humans.

“Only aliens could accomplish making such a massive structure.”

By comparison, the largest pyramidal structure discovered in the world is the , a towering edifice located in Cholula, Mexico, a city about 127 kilometers (nearly 79 miles) southeast of Mexico City. Measuring 66 meters (just over 216.5 feet) in height and 450 square meters (just over 1,476 feet or almost 0.28 miles) at its base, it is still far smaller than the estimated measurements of Igazusta’s find. As is Egypt’s — or Cheops — which is the tallest in the world at 138 meters (455 feet), with a 230.4-meter (755 feet) base.

Given this, Waring also asserted the Google Maps pyramid find as the “biggest the world has ever known.” He speculated that the pyramid might or might not be a “UFO that landed in the ocean that was being used as an alien base.” Regardless, it was “still a monumental discovery.”

Although it might be a bit premature to herald the discovery as either a giant pyramid or a pyramid-shaped alien UFO base (The Daily Mail described the internet capture as something that “may be hard to make out, as it looks like a blur), the odd image found on Google Maps isn’t the first underwater anomaly that has captured the attention of UFO hunters.


UFO alien base underwater giant pyramid

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A mysterious underwater image off the coast of Malibu, California, has bounced around the internet for a few years that was also discovered via Google Earth. Known to the U.S. Geological Survey as Sycamore Knoll, a found the area to be topographically non-anomalous. However, alien hunters have speculated that the strange image looked to be an artificial construct and just might be an alien base, an underwater base for UFOs. The debate as to its actual composition is still under intense debate, as clearly demonstrates.

That isn’t the only one, either. An anonymous Marine Corps vet stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in the late 1960s (MUFON) earlier this year that he watched UFOs land and depart from an area offshore on a daily basis, many of those landing fading away in the fashion of the affect of an object being submerged. On one occasion, he also saw a massive cloud-like UFO and was warned away as others rushed to the location to film the object. The veteran said that although he and his colleagues at Guantanamo talked about the UFOs, they were forbidden to discuss it off base.

And now there is another image that some think might be a UFO or an alien base of some kind. Still, pixellated blur or large topographical feature or an actual giant pyramid on the ocean floor, the newfound underwater image will be the source for debate for some time.