Archaeological Finds Which Were Not In Your History Books

The unfinished obelisk:

It was recently found in a city of Egypt named Aswan. It was around 15000 BC when it was ordered by pharaoh Hatshepsut but it remained unfinished.

The Yonaguni monument:

A recently discovered underwater monument near japan has been the reason behind so many arguments among experts on whether it was formed naturally or is it man made. There are a few features of it which make it look like It has been made by man whereas a few other features reflect that it was formed naturally.

Costa Rica’s stone spheres:

There have been several legends about those perfectly sphere stones of Costa Rica. Experts believe that they probably were made in Atlantis or they were made around 1530 AD by Diquis people.

Zhejian Tunnels:

These are the tunnels which are found in Zhejian, China. These are said to date from as back as 212 BCE. They are covered in precise markings of 60 degrees which is quite astonishing as there were no tools to measure angles perfectly back then.

Göbekli tepe:

A very important found in the archaeological world because this is the finding which made archaeologists wonder that whether it was the primate’s religion which brought people together or was it commerce.

Mohenjo -Daro:

A very interesting city which is now in Pakistan, was built in 2600 BC. It shows that even back in such old times there were properly planned cities with sewer systems.

Saksaywaman :

It is a fortress established outside Peru. Rocks are so tightly places together that you can’t even pass a paper through it.

L’anse aux:

Those are meadows in the north America and it is said that those meadows were built by people that we now know as the Vikings.


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