Giant Pyramid Found on Faroe Islands

This is a Giant Pyramid on one of the Faroe Islands (or should I say Pharao Islands?). It’s known as a natural pyramid, but after viewing a few pictures of it on Google, some things about it look suspiciously artificial. For one, there are the straight lines that make up the sides and then there are step-like features that are especially visible when looking at the peak. Could this be a super-ancient Pyramid that has merely been overgrown and eroded to a point where we do not recognize it as artificial anymore? Your guess is as good as mine.

I`d say that some of our AT Sers living on the Faroe Islands should get out there and have a look and take some pictures but unfortunately there are not many people living there, so the chances of an ATSer actually being a Faroer are slim.

It’s on the southernmost island near a village called Lopra. The mountain itself is called Kirvi. I don’t know any more about it than what’s available by Google which is why some field research would be great. Research items might be whether there are legends surrounding the place, what the ancient situation there was and whether photos from various angles could be taken to get a clearer idea.