Newly discovered Pyramid in Kazakhstan predates Egyptian Pyramids by 1,000 years

Scientists have made a sensational discovery in Kazakhstan. It appears that they discovered the world’s first Pyramid which was built 1,000 years before the Pyramids in Egypt.

They even compared it to the famous Djoser pyramid as it reminds them of this outstanding construction.


The latest discovery was made 6,000 kilometers northeast of Cairo, Egypt. The pyramid is currently in ruins, but its shape and structure resemble pyramid of Djoser.

The discovery was kept a secret for some time and now the Saryarkinsky Institute of Archaeology in Karaganda decided to reveal their findings.

Researchers believe that they even discovered a burial chamber of the pyramid. Further tests will be initiated soon.


Archaeologist Viktor Novozhenov explained: “It was built more than 3,000 years ago in Saryarke for a local ‘pharaoh,’ a leader of a local mighty tribe dating to late Bronze epoch.”

Archaeology museum of Karaganda State University will receive all the findings that will occur in the next days.

This discovery tells us more about the Karaganda in the past. This finding indicates that the region was once inhabited by wealthy and progressive pyramid-building culture.

Numerous artifacts were discovered near the site. According to researchers, the site consists of a number of 27 buildings.

Further research will tell us more about this sensational discovery and possibly the culture that built it.