ALIEN ATTACK: ETs to invade Earth NEXT YEAR ‘say Nostradamus and Book of Revelation’

ALIENS are set to launch a major UFO attack on Earth within a year – and the apocalyptical events were predicted by Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation, it has shockingly been claimed.

A YouTube video is claiming to have deciphered predictions in the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelations and come up with a “clear theory” that both of them foretold of the terrifying events to come.

So what’s the story?

Well, according to psychic T Chase, who runs YouTube channel these events are unfolding.

The channel named Russian President Vladimir Putin as being hell bent on starting WWIII.


Aliens will invade in UFOs from 2017

Once this starts, by 2017, the aliens will come, remarkably led by the second coming of Christ, at anytime between then and 2020.

Jesus and his alien army will defeat Putin, but will then go on to take over the planet, “because humans  are too war like to ever live peacefully”. claims the aliens will modify our DNA, to make us more logical and peaceful like them, before everyone lives happily ever after on Earth.

So while it might sound scary, not too much to worry about in the long run?

So how did work this all out?


They’re coming: aliens will take over the planet claims psychic T Chase.