Amazing ! Giant Staircase Found In Antarctica Has Sparked Mystery!

We all probably know a very small percentage of our world’s past history because what we have learned until now is all according to ancient records.

But sometimes recorded history is not interpreted correctly and once it happens we can humbly assume that we know so very little about our ancestors and the countless unknown ancient civilizations that roamed the Earth.

One such ancient and legendary city that remains to this day one of the most intriguing topics is the lost and almost forgotten “Atlantis”. The city was barely mentioned during ancient times with the name Atlantis being mentioned only by the great philosopher Plato. There are writtings from other diverse cultures that speak of mythical lands, which could be a hint that Atlantis is the one and the same as those legendary lands.

Some people even think that Atlantis is located in the continent of Antarctica. The freezing continent is indeed a stage for mystery and all sorts of conspiracies. But every now and then we have new reports of strange phenomena happening there and photographic evidence of strange land anomalies that could very well be ancient structures buried in the ice.

Recently a mysterious staircase was spotted via satellite, with many truthers pointing that it’s probably a long lost pyramid or temple, perhaps from the mythical Atlantis.

Watch the following video to know more!