Ancient Sanskrit Reveals The 9 Rules For Being Human

The nine lessons for being human are a series of philosophical stances designed to be used as a basis for mental wellbeing and personal growth.

A translated Ancient Sanskrit explained the 9 rules for being human. These rules for being human date back many thousands of years, but they are still just as absolutely valid today!

The full list of the nine lessons and an interpretation of the meanings of each is as follows:

Some of the lessons offered by the supposedly ancient text are obvious and most are centered around being open to learning new experiences and having no ego. Essentially similar principles to those underpinning Buddhism and various other Eastern religion.

The origin of the lessons is a matter of dispute. It is widely claimed that they are taken from an ancient Sanskrit text, the exact source of which is unknown. Others claim that the list was drawn up by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, a corporate trainer, and life coach.

The fact that they have survived as long as they have, however, suggests that they do have some value. Despite the fact that they have been reproduced and altered numerous times and in some cases added to.