Cameras Capture Bizarre Giant Bird Shadow During US F1 Grand Prix

Huge bird overshadows Formula One race.

At the United States Grand Prix in Austin on Sunday all of the pundit attention was fixated on the fierce contest between Mercedes and Ferrari who are currently battling it out for the title. Ferrari managed to cinch the race this time at the end of fifty-six laps, but by that time the entire race had been overshadowed, quite literally, by a bizarre shadow cast by some bird. So far, the elusive winged creature has proved impossible to identify.

Old rivals Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton dominated the reports coming out of Austin following the United States Grand Prix. Hamilton began the race on the pole but quickly lost his lead to Vettel. After the next five laps, Hamilton was in hot pursuit, and due to some brilliant passing maneuvers, he managed to overtake his challenger, in turn, twelve on lap six. Hamilton continued with his run of good form and took first place in the race with Vettel coming in a very worthy second. Third place was taken by Max Verstappen who overtook Kimi Raikkonen on Turn 17 on the final lap with a stunning late surge.

However, all of the excitement was overshadowed somewhat on social media by a bizarre image captured by video cameras during the race of what appears to be a huge bird zooming around the racing circuit. On lap 48, the shadowy figure of the bird was visible to viewers at home who noted that it seemed enormous compared to the Formula One vehicles.

No one has been able to identify what species of bird could have cast the shadow due to the speed of its flight over the circuit. However, it’s incredibly large size suggests that it is a very rare bird indeed with some Twitter uses suggesting that it might even be a genetically close descendent of the dinosaurs.