Crazy Footage Surfaces of GIANT ‘Demon’ Walking the Streets

An incredibly sinister picture has gone viral on Facebook that some people claim a captured image of either an angel or a demon.

The pictures were taken by a man in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States named Richard Christianson who was startled by the sudden appearance of a huge, dark figure which appeared to have spikes embedded into the top of its head and incredibly broad wings. The figure in the image is so large that it appears to be taller than a house in its proximity.

The image has been shared more than six hundred thousand times on Facebook since it was posted and users of the social media platform have been engaged in a hotly contentious debate about what the figure could be and what it could all mean.

Some social media users have claimed that the figure is likely to be an angel because of its wings, but others think that it is more probable that it was a demon. They believe that this is the most likely interpretation because the figure appeared in the dead of night was stood ominously instead of attempting to communicate with any of the people who witnessed its presence. Others have suggested that the being may have been a form of extra-terrestrial life attempting to mold itself into a form that human beings would recognize as being divine in their culture. However, if this is the case, it seems peculiar that the creature made no attempts to convey a message to anyone.

Others believe that the figure was not sentient but rather an omen of ill fortune and perhaps even a sign that the end of days is almost upon the Earth. Those who believe this explanation have pointed to the fact that several Doomsday prophecies are converging over the coming year and believe that the figure might be a warning of the dark days to come in the imminent future.

Of course, some social media users simply believe that the figure is a hoax intended to generate viral online publicity. These people have suggested that the figure was simply somebody dressing up or the result of photoshopping. Others have simply suggested that Christianson simply made a mistake and that he was startled by either a statue or a tree as opposed to a divine figure.