From the Vatican, they were found skulls of unknown creatures!

Under the centuries-old vaulted basement of the Vatican Library remains were excavated skeletons of creatures like cosmic cudzincom.Opravy Vatican Library have requested restoration of the vault in the basement, where there were dirt floors, which for over 500 years touched a human foot.

In the picture, the acquisition of particular way, holding one of the workers strange-looking skull. After this finding, the Vatican Guard closed all access to the library. Vatican spokesman’s voice, which initially finding confirmed vyznievala anxiety and excitement, but later denied that all of this is sometimes called COMS. Press sources confirmed that command unparalleled silent gave himself Pope at the request „of various security organizations from around the world.“ The pope reportedly said that whatever it is, the ancestors had good reason to bury it there and forget …

Ufology organizations have protested against the „big camouflage world government.“ M. Petetsonová, President SART (cosmic aliens are a reality and a threat), in its opinion, said: „What lay beneath the floors of the Vatican must be given to our universities for a thorough examination. Sweeping feet only shows the correctness of the theory that the world’s governments on Aliens know all the time. and the Vatican is also an independent state with its own government and the army. “

The hearts of many believers seized „fear of God“. Sister Judy Mebosová, cook top in the Cathedral of St. John London, declared that „it is a sign of the proximal end. Whatever those remains represent, our wise ancestors certainly have sufficient reason to make it there buried in eternal oblivion. And there is probably also the reason why God has conceded that it found “

Michal Maregski, a Lutheran pastor of the Holy Father in Rome, said: „ufologist years speculated with the idea that foreigners could in the past, our ancestors appear as angels. If this speculation be true, why then angels buried at the Vatican, were forgotten? “

Father Muldoon of St. Edward Judes responded: „Maybe they’re angels, but remember that there were two groups of angels.“

US envoy stated: „I think in this case we can all be peaceful. The Vatican area was once a swamp. I think that those people had a vision, because they breathe marsh gas:

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