Researchers puzzled by new crop circles in the UK

Mysterious crop circles recently appeared in the UK. Crop circles represent the shapes of twenty astrological symbols.

While the mysterious appearance of strange crop circles around the globe is not exclusive to recent decades, some of the formations that have appeared on Earth lately are mind-boggling.


These enigmatic crop circles are located on a farm in the UK.

It spreads across two acres of land and is shaped like a giant 300-foot figure. There are even numerous mysterious symbols around the figure. Researchers revealed that these symbols are actually astrological symbols.

The owners of the field discovered this mysterious shape when they returned from their vacation. According to the owner of the field, there are no signs of human intervention suggesting that these crop circles were man-made.


Prominent investigator Colin Andrews commented that he never saw anything as impressive as the latest crop circle. In his thirty years of experience, he has never been so impressed.

Colin Andrews is determined to discover the exact source of the mysterious formation.

The entrance to the location will be charged by the owners of the field since the crop circle caused them to lose the potential income from the crops.

Up to this day, crop circles gather a lot of interest from many renowned scientists. The fascination with these anomalous formations will never go away as such phenomenon is indirectly related to the UFO phenomenon.

Whether Colin Andrews will determine what caused them, remains to be seen. Until then, these mysterious formation will remain as one of the biggest secrets there is.