The Annunaki: Tyrants Or Saviors Of Humanity

Do we suffer the Curse of the Annunaki?

Despite living in the supposedly primitive years of 3,000 to 4,000 B.C, the Sumerians were a remarkably advanced race of people.

So how did the Sumerians comes to possess their advanced knowledge and technology? According to ancient texts that have been recently uncovered, the Sumerians credited a group of deities known as the Annunaki for bestowing this knowledge upon them.

Now the question must be asked: Were the Annunaki simply a product of Sumerian mythology, or do they actually have a basis in fact? Where they supernatural?

First, who were the Annunaki?

Modern knowledge of the Annunaki begins with Sir Austen Henry Layard, an English archaeologist, who discovered cuneiform tablets, one of the earliest styles of writing, in the 1800s. All of what is known about the Annunaki come from these tablets, which depict Sumerian myths and epics. However, even today, as thousands of such tablets reside in the British Museum, many of them have yet to be translated.

From what the tablets say, The Annunaki was a group of deities that lived in ancient Mesopotamia, which encompasses much of the modern Middle East and the Holy Land. They are also known in some writings as the Nephilim, Those of Royal Blood, and Princely Offspring.

Among the key tales that include the Annunaki are:

  • Enuma Elish: An epic that depicts a story similar to the Christian creation story in which humans are created by the gods.
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh: An epic that details a Great Flood that was sent by the Annunaki. It is explained that, during the flood, the gods delivered instructions to a select few servants to build a ship to rescue a small group of humans and animals.

Obviously, this tale bears a striking resemblance to the Biblical tale of Noah’s Ark. It is also clearly not entirely a tall tale, as evidence of enormous floods has been found that date back to this time period.

It is possible then that a group of beings known as the Annunaki used some sort of ship to rescue some humans from the flood, who later wrote this information down. However, what type of beings were they, and what kind of ship did they use? Was it a large wooden vessel like in the Bible, or could it have been some more advanced, like a spaceship?

The ancient tablets give little information about the origins of the Annunaki. Although it is said that they resided in Mesopotamia, they spoke a language different from the locals, meaning they must have been from elsewhere.

According to Sitchin, a well-known skeptic of official narratives and histories, the Annunaki were an alien race that came to earth and controlled all of civilization for thousands of years. They arrived from a planet known as Nibiru, which most likely exists in our solar system, although it is thought to be well outside of Neptune and Pluto’s orbits.

Why the Annunaki come to Earth is a topic that’s highly debated within the Annunaki scholar community.

Here are a few theories:

  • They came to Earth to look for gold to mine in Africa. There is evidence of very early gold mining in some parts of Africa, which could lend support to this theory.
  • The creation tales may not be entirely false: They may have created the modern human race for their own benefit, specifically to mine for gold. An additional part of this theory speculates that our race may have been formed as a hybrid of Earth animals and the Annunaki.
  • Finally, some say that they were sent to watch over humans by an even greater power or consciousness while we were coming together as civilizations.

So what type of information might they have passed down?

The Sumerians were always well known for their sophisticated astronomy and mathematical theories and abilities, which far surpassed other civilizations of their time.

In addition to astronomy and mathematics, the Sumerians had a deep understanding of energy fields, which would be very odd for a group of humans dwelling in the desert. It does not seem that the Sumerians would have had any particular need to study energy fields, so how did they learn so much unless they were told by a more intelligent species? Many believe the Sumerians used this technology and knowledge to construct pyramids and monoliths in accordance with the stars.

It’s clear from their texts and legends that ancient Sumerians had a deep fascination with, and respect for, the Annunaki. Praising them as gods, the Sumerians openly give credit to the Annunaki for their advanced knowledge.

So how could such beings have arrived on Earth to help the Sumerians? Since there is no record of how these beings might have arrived aside from the cuneiform tablets, it is quite possible these intelligent beings did indeed arrive from another world as described in the ancient texts.

Of course, the ultimate question is “why?”

Why did they feel the need to give us such powerful knowledge? Was it a generous gift or where they were somehow curating humans for their own purposes. Perhaps most importantly: Did they ever leave? Is it possible that they still walk among us, either watching over our foolish young civilization or perhaps continuing to use us to their own ends?

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