The mystery of Antartica continues: They’re not telling us the reality about Antarctica

Antarctica has it all. The most amazing landscape, sub-zero temperatures, unforgiving terrain, mystery structures buried under the ice, and evil mastermind penguins. However, as you’ve probably heard by now, Antarctica is the one place on Earth that is OFF limits to civilians

But why? It’s not because of Happy Feet, is it?

Antarctica was in the distant past, a very different place. With its 14.0 million square kilometers, Antarctica is the fifth largest Continent on our planet, and in other words, is twice the size of Australia.

What we have to understand is that around 170 million years ago, Antarctica was part of the supercontinent called Gondwana. Around 25 million years ago, Antarctica as we know it, gradually broke apart from Gondwana.

Experts tell us that Antarctica was once covered with vegetation and teeming with life. Today, the home contents of Happy Feet is covered with around 99 percent of ice.

Antarctica was located farther north and experienced a tropical or temperate climate, meaning that it was covered in forests, and inhabited by various ancient life forms.

What does this mean?

Well… given the little we know about the life on our planet in the distant past, it is likely that people might have lived on this now, icy continent and developed as a society just like people did in Africa, Europe and Asia.

The first time mankind supposedly came across the icy continent was around 1820.

However, that’s not totally correct.

Curiously, there are numerous ancient maps that depict parts of Antarctica free of ice. One of the most controversial maps was without a doubt composed in 1513, by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis who drew a map that would create a global debate over 500 years after him. The map depicts Antarctica which was discovered between 1818-1820. But how is this possible?

It has become a popular belief that ancient civilizations across the globe were in fact much more advanced than what mainstream researchers are crediting them for. Numerous maps discovered in the past are clear indications that the story told today by scholars is incomplete, and there are numerous missing links in our history.

Smells like there’0s much more we DON’T know about Antarctica.

Between 1946 and 1947, we INVADED Antarctica in a military operation called Operation high jump. A very interesting documentary called Third Reich – Operation UFO seems to question a lot of things regarding Antarctica and one of those things, that the documentary approaches, is whether there’s a possibility that Antarctica might be home to numerous secret underground bases.

Source: ancient-code& ewao