The Necronomicon: The dangerous and forbidden “Book of the Dead”

Considered one of the most dangerous books in the world, the Necronomicon is a literary creation that travels between the limits of the fiction and the brutal reality.

The Necronomicon

The Necronomicon

It is said that since this copy is true, people who have dared to read the Necronomicon and study the prophecies, spells, incantations and judgments contained therein have often fallen into madness or death. Following the belief that this book exists, there are those who claim that all original copies of such a title are kept under lock and key in extremely private libraries or collections.

The NecronomiconMany readers of the Gothic novel and of terror have been excessively fascinated by this story, the one that tells the historical passage of a bibliographical example capable of linking the world we know with an earlier and supernatural one, to bring about the end of this earth as we know it.
Therefore, there are political and religious organizations behind any trace that may indicate their whereabouts. Quite strange for a book that is said to be false according to others, is not it? A sector of these consultants and stakeholders asserts that this object has never existed more than in the narrative imagination, trying to deny any data or suspicion of their whereabouts.

The NecronomiconThe scandal began with the American writer HP Lovecraft, author of several ghost stories and diabolical dye, mostly recognized for his stories about Cthulhu, but also located by the alleged creation or knowledge about “The Necronomicon.”

According to the genial mind of this man of letters, the Necronomicon does not exist on the planet Earth of truth, was invented by him and nothing else. If so, Lovecraft would be hiding a fantastic tool with enough information to reveal the horrific origins of humanity, the dark rituals practiced there and other studies of the occult.

The author repeatedly insisted that both the book and the names used in his novel are fictitious, for he himself created them. A fact that has not convinced researchers of the paranormal too much because much of what the writer portrays mysteriously coincides with other facts and assumptions of the occult.

The NecronomiconIn addition, in his biography, Lovecraft himself seems to leave the data necessary for a more complex tracing of the diabolical work. Thanks to these notes have been able to generate a map that addresses the original author of the real Necronomicon, not to the novelization of the American; Abdul Al-Hazred and other pertinent notes have been found to have been created by the astrologer Abu ‘Ali al-Hasan or by the Jewish mystic Alhazen ben Joseph.

Such demonic material to this day remains a mystery; Are supposed a thousand and one ways of how it originated in the Middle East, passing through the Greek and Latin world to be translated, managed and inherited to Modern Europe, later arriving in America and unleashing a cult both strange and dangerous.

The NecronomiconFanatics from all over the world have given themselves the task of investigating and searching for the aforementioned book but, if found, the details of their reading have not been revealed. It has even been the case of fakes and scams by charlatans in the network who ensure they can get copies of the official Necronomicon.

We do not know if indeed the cursed book that can guide us to destruction exists, but if in doubt, and if Lovecraft had concealed research primordial for its finding, we must take into account that on the planet there are verses with dark power To damage the mind of its reader and to attack against the whole humanity.

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