Utah Man Finds Fossilized Bigfoot Skull?

An avid Bigfoot enthusiast in Utah believes that he has found a petrified skull from the elusive creature while hiking in the woods.


Todd May claims that he discovered the alleged cryptid cranium after previously having seen the creature on two separate occasions.

These sightings inspired May to explore the area further and, during a search for fossils in Utah’s Ogden Canyon in 2013, stumbled upon the potential skull.

According to an interview with the of Wichita Falls, May was certain that the strange stone was a petrified Bigfoot skull because, “it had the same facial structure as the creatures I had seen.”

However his alleged discovery has been met with considerable skepticism from both the scientific and cryptozoological communities.

May dismissed their criticism of his find as pure jealousy, telling the paper, “there’s haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don’t like that I found something first.”

He also took issue with academics who declared that the ‘skull’ was merely a rock after looking at only photographs of the object.

“When you actually see it, you can’t help but see that it’s a face,” May argued to the paper.

Nonetheless, geologists say that it is highly unlikely that the rock found by May is actually a petrified skull, regardless of whether it came from a Bigfoot or a known animal, based simply on its composition.

That assessment hasn’t put a damper on May’s enthusiasm for the potential groundbreaking nature of his find, declaring to the newspaper, “people need to see this and know Bigfoot are real.”

Whether May’s skull turns out to be the evidence that will finally prove the creature’s existence once and for all remains to be seen.

If it turns out not to be the case, he’s at least got a great conversation starter when visitors come to his home and spot the odd skull-shaped rock sitting on his living room table.