Dr Jonathan Reed claimed to have stumbled across an alien and its UFO while walking his dog in October 1996 in the Cascade Mountains in Washington, USA.


Mr Reed claims the bizarre encounter happened on October 15, 1996.

The story goes that, while walking his dog, he stumbled across an alien being and its UFO.

The bizarre UFO Dr Reed claims to have snapped in the woods

The top half of the ‘half-dead alien’ as filmed by Dr Reed during his examination.

Yet, the malevolent creature vapourised his four-legged friend with a weapon.

An incensed Mr Reed claims to have taken a log from a tree to the other worldly being’s head, and incapacitated it.

He videod the injured beast and its obelisc-shaped craft, he claims

He then took the alien, which he thought he had killed, to his home.

Dr Jonathan Reed. 

Mr Reed, who claims to be a psychologist with a Ph.D, videod himself investigating the being, which was beginning to stir on the floor of his home.

He then claims he stored it in the freezer, but the creature escaped.

But the tale does not end there, after this, Dr Reed claims he was harassed by government agents, the so-called men in black, that murdered a friend and tried to kill him, before they wiped his identify from the face of the Earth, and he was forced to live underground.

The story has received a lot of scrutiny, and the alien in his video, pictures and book were later claimed to be just a rubber dummy.

He wrote: “So this event has very little middle ground. You either find this ridiculously fake or you feel this is the closest thing to contact we have ever had.

 “Neither is wrong, but the debate continues decades after the event happened.

 “I personally can’t buy a word of it. I have a healthy skepticism, so unless it’s proof I can’t rip apart, I’m not buying it. 

“I also add in, that it has to be proven to be real, not proven to be fake. There is no proof that this is real (the video footage is not definitive, not even a little), and there are no other witnesses to corroborate his experience. 

“So please do not take offense if I am a bit… brutally honest with this.” 

But, despite the criticism, Dr Reed maintains his story to this day.

He has penned a book of the encounter, produced and sold videos, and appeared on several paranormal TV and radio shows and at conferences across the globe