1200 Years Old Ancient Hindu Temple Carved Entirely From a Single Rock

Kailasa temple is 1200-year-old Ancient Hindu temple carved from a single rock in Ellora. It stands majestically 29 kilometers away from the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, India. This amazing temple is part of a set of 34 temples and monasteries known as the Ellora Caves. This stunning temple is a perfect example of Dravidian architecture in the 8th century. The whole temple and it’s almost perfectly accurate proportions were made by many crafty sculptors, in a time when only hand tools for construction and elephants for transporting heavy building material were available and that’s what makes it so magnificent.

This temple is also known as Kailash Temple and by the orders of Krishna I the construction began. King Krishna I belongs to the Rashtrakuta dynasty which ruled over large parts of the Indian Subcontinent between the sixth and tenth centuries. Like many Hindu temples, this temple was dedicated to the god Shiva. It is estimated that this temple has been built between 757 and 783 BCE and the main idea of constructors was that this temple looks just like the Mount Kailash, the place where Shiva is believed to reside as per Hinduism. The temple has been literally carved from a huge single rock and using some hand tools and chisels the craftsmen carved it from the top to the bottom. It is really remarkable how they were able to do such an architecture accomplishment due to many difficulties that they encountered.

It is pretty hard to imagine that this temple is carved in a single rock, even for us, the modern people, with all tools and machines that we possess. It is calculated that over 400.000 tons of stone were scooped out over the period of approximately 20 years because that’s how much time was spent on this monolith structure to be made.  A unique way of built and stunning looks of this temple are the main reason why it is ranked as one of the most magnificent ancient structures in the world.

Can you imagine that this was just a huge rock? That the amazing craftsmen have made this stunning piece of art so many centuries before with their bare hands and primitive tools?


With so many amazing religious details and some amazing architecture wonders this temple in the rock is something worthy of visiting, for sure.

As you can see, with many halls, passages and rooms, this temple truly is a unique architectural wonder.

In the photo bellow, you can see the plan of the Kailasa temple. Most of the people still can not believe how this magnificent structure was made with primitive hand tools…

Once you enter the temple, you will be able to see many statues of Hindu Gods, elephants and many others sacred thing for Hinduism. 


The internal shrine of the temple consists of pillars, windows, inner and outer rooms, gathering halls, and an enormous stone lingam at its heart within the sanctum sanctorum and is carved with images of various deities, erotic male and female figures and many others.

 Most of the deities at the left of the entrance are believed to be followers of Lord Shiva while on the right-hand side the deities are believed to be followers of Lord Vishnu, another main deity in Hinduism.


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