20,000 Years Old Sumerian Tablets Reveal The True Reason For Our Existence On Earth

Here’s to you, a story that made me sleepless for couple of days, the answer to all of your questions about your existence, your origins and even the future to come.

As I will walk you trough some of the facts I want to make sure that this doesn’t seem to you another conspiracy theory. All the information provided here are a result of one of the biggest archaeological discoveries of the century and couple of decades spent on translations and linguistic research.

It all started 50 years ago when the archaeologist and author started translating 20,000 years old Sumerian tablets entitled “Autobiography of Enki”.

Since there weren’t any Sumerian translators at the time, it took him more than 20 years of research to understand the complex Sumerian language.

As Zecharia started understanding the letters and sentences, he found that the tablets he was translating were an autobiography of an extraterrestrial from a planet called Niburu who led a scientific expedition on earth in search for gold before homo sapiens even existed!

The extraterrestrial’s name is Enki and the picture below shows a portrait of him.

In Enki’s autobiography, he explains how he was sent on planet earth along with 20 other astronauts and his wife in search for the only material that could save their planet from global warming; gold! For them, the gold was so valuable because once spread in their atmosphere in a form of dust it protected them from ultraviolet radiation which was making life on Nibiru very difficult.

Finding more gold was the only solution for saving Nibiru but one of the biggest problems they faced was actually excavating and refining the gold since most of the astronauts from Nibiru have never done physical labor before.

After years of work, Enki and his team have managed to excavate a very small amount of gold which wasn’t even closely enough to save Nibiru’s atmosphere. That’s when Enki got the idea to elevate the Homo Erectus species he found on earth by mixing it’s DNA with theirs. Since his wife Ninhursag was a doctor and a scientist he gave her the mission to create what we know today to be an ” intellectual human being”.