A Rocket Launches From Mars?

The Mars rover has snapped yet another picture of something out of the ordinary on the red planet, this time it is an image of an object in the atmosphere that looks remarkably like a rocket.

The image of the unidentified airborne object was put on youtube for the scrutiny of the public where it garnered multiple different theories explaining what it may be. The trail of vapor below the object gives the possibility to the notion that it is indeed a non-terran ship. However, some suggest it may simply be a meteor or even ice or dust on the lens of the rover’s camera.

The image was uploaded by self-proclaimed ufologist who goes by the handle Streetcap1. This particular user also uploaded an odd picture, again captured by the rover in 2016 that depicted a suspiciously shaped object at the summit of a mountain that did not appear to fit in with its surroundings and even sported what looked like windows. Streetcap1 wondered if it was a possible crashed space vehicle, of course not of human design.

There have been to date four Mars rovers that have touched down successfully on the dusty planet, two of which, Spirit and Opportunity, still remain. Between them all, there have been countless sightings of odd items on and above the surface of the red planet, including ships, a possible alien base, even a cannonball and a spoon. Often times the images are difficult to make out but an image captured by a Rover in 2017 showed a very clear picture of what appeared to be a small piece of metal on the ground.

It was explained away as debris from any number of robotic landings and satellites. Interestingly enough even the satellites have been capturing odd pictures of what looks like spacecraft. Each time it is usually dismissed by NASA officials, however, given the frequency of strange sightings captured by Mars rovers in recent years, it has to be wondered if some of these images may actually be the real deal.