“Alien Antenna” Found On Sea Floor In Antarctica?

ntarctica, one of the world’s most mysterious continents, home to one of the largest and driest deserts on the planet, covering an area of around 5 and a half million square miles.

If there was anywhere on earth where crashed, preserved, ancient alien technologies could still be found, it would be here.

An untouched landscape which may in all possibility be the final resting place of as yet, un-retrieved relics, which have been stranded there to this day.

The deep sea which surrounds Antarctic for example, are some of the most difficult and inhospitable environments to explore anywhere.

Far away from the modern world, deep within the frigid, pitch black waters of this massive chunk of ice, where our next discovery was miraculously made.

An out of place artefact which is still resting at the bottom of this sea.

Known as the Eltanin Antenna, if it wasn’t for the brute strength of the nearly 2000 tonne ice breaking vessel known as the Eltanin, we may never have found it.

Initially a US Navy as a cargo-carrying icebreaker, in 1962, she was reclassified as an Oceanographic Research Ship, and became the world’s first dedicated Antarctic research vessel.

On the 29th of August 1964, while collecting sample cores and photographing the seabed west of Cape Horn, the Eltanin took the first known photograph of the antenna at a depth of nearly 4000 metres.


Source: Mystery History